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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Social media bringing the past to life

An inspiring story from the USA

and a longer story

"Barker danced at clubs such as the Apollo, the Cotton Club and the Zanzibar Club, and her dancing appeared in movies, commercials and television shows and with stars like Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, according to Shuff."

Sunday, 19 April 2015

ALL Modules 20th April BAPP Arts 10-1 pm sessions available on campus or by Skype

hi everyone - sorry about the short notice - it has been up but this is a reminder that I will be on campus tomorrow 10-1pm for those who want a quick 1-1 session or together as a group
10th WEEK 20th of April

Monday 20th April ALL Modules Campus Session and Group session 
10am – 12pm C109 College House  PAULA
This session could be repeated in the afternoon if requested.
Date: 20th April
Time: 10:00 – 13:00

Room: C109

I have heard a couple of people might come but nothing definite- you could take the opportunity to have a drop-in session or  let me know in the comments or email or text or phone if I should expect anyone or if you want a Skype conversation about your studies and the submission.

Stress busters and mindset

With deadlines for university work coming up - people get concerned about the timing (me included!). The main message here is to take care of yourself.

I went in search on youtube to find a stress busting video and found this:

You might have some better ones to share - but I spent 4 minutes this morning on this one... it talks abut relaxing and re-concentrating away for the stress for a moment...

I also like a word that Irini introduced to our conversations 'mindset' - we talked about it in the context of professionalism - but around this time of year for degree work - the idea of mindset might be helpful.

here is 'mindset' in pictures - these remind me of the head exercise - draw a head and some circles - and write or draw what you are thinking about just at that moment in the circles. We have done this before in sessions - pretty funny sometimes - but it gets it out of your head so you can see it and prioritise if you need to...

For advise about writing - I quite liked this advice form Nottingham - the university of Nottingham that is...

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

list of dance journals

Module 3 - explaining your professional inquiry - final thinking and writing phases - the professional artefact

In they campus session we had Kim in person and Claire on Skype.

We talked about where people were in their work - mainly finished gathering data but with a few interviews to conclude (sound familiar).

You have probably started you critical review - Intro and Evaluation - and are now writing up the analysis - so what does it all mean? have you used the expertise of others to think about your own experience and what others have said when you talked to them? Have you done something with your new knowledge and understanding? a workshop? changed your own practice?

The Analysis section and the critical reflection often merge a bit - so your as a professional and the personal gains/experiences are related.

the artefact - best advice - don't overcomplicate but make it real 

what have you found out?
how can you share this in your community of practice or your workplace?
who is your main audience?

this can be a work- in - progress or it can be something you can present to others in your professional capacity... like many creative works - the earlier stages of planning are important to communicate the main ideas of what you are doing - but your artefact might still require permission to be made public (if you are working in a particular organisation) or like a funding document - we could see a draft that is to be submitted to an arts organisation... it does not mean incomplete - but is in a stage that may not be completely final but showing all the ideas and images that will go into a final artefact. If you can complete the artefact please do so...

work in progress

n. pl.  works in progress
1. yet incomplete artistic, theatrical, or musical work, often made available for public viewing or listening.
2. One, such as an inexperienced athlete, who has not yet reached his or her peak potential.

not sure about the second one - the first one - yes if needed 

Who is your audience for this explanation/ interpretation of your work?

There are some good examples of artefact on the archived blogs in no particular order...

a blast from the past from Rosemary

and an example outside of BAPP Arts

Please share any good ones in the comments and ask any generic questions - more will be sent about the actual submission later closer to the submission date 12th May. 

SAVE SAVE SAVE on an extra digital device today!!!!

Some very good work going on - continue engage with your SIGs and adviser - contact either Adesola or myself with questions/clarifications - and send a draft in of the critical review for written feedback...