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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Draft dates for the Autumn Study Period for BAPP Arts

Everyone, please note a few dates for the Autumn schedule. I will send out a formal email after the 1st September. My home phone and internet has been off since the 13th of August - so it has made doing things online a bit more difficult in trying to connect.

Adesola and I are still firming up some of the times - so this is still a draft... this is for continuing students - we will have an online induction for new students.

Comments are welcome.


Orientation Sessions (for continuing students): 25th September (Friday) at 8pm or 26th September (Saturday) at 11am ONLINE - these are to ask questions about the study period and ease back into study after the break

A signup list will be up on our blogs
Paula Nottingham
Adesola Akinleye
Or email Paula if you have any questions.

Autumn study period:  28th September (Monday)– 18th December (Friday)
University Xmas Holiday 28th December – 3rd January.

1st WEEK 28th September (Monday)
2nd WEEK 5th Oct
ALL MODULE Skype Session 1: 6th Oct Tuesday ONLINE times TBC
3rd WEEK  12th Oct 

ALL Module campus session 13th OCTOBER (Tuesday) PROPOSED TIME 1-4 PM AT HENDON times TBC

M1: ONLINE Session 1: Tuesday  pm   ONLINE times TBC
M2: ONLINE Session 1: Tuesday  pm  ONLINE times TBC
M3: ONLINE Session 1:  Tuesday  pm ONLINE times TBC

4th WEEK   19th Oct
5th WEEK  26th Oct  
ALL Module campus session 27th October (Tuesday)  3-6pm AT HENDON times TBC

M1: ONLINE Session 2:ONLINE times TBC
M2: ONLINE Session 2:ONLINE times TBC
M3: ONLINE Session 2:ONLINE times TBC

6th WEEK  2nd Nov
ALL MODULE Skype Session 2: 3rd November (Tuesday) ONLINE times TBC
7th WEEK 9th Nov
8th WEEK  16th Nov
ALL Module campus session (Friday) 20th November PROPOSED FOR 1-4 AT HENDON times TBC

M1: ONLINE Session 3:ONLINE times TBC
M2: ONLINE Session 3:ONLINE times TBC
M3: ONLINE Session 3ONLINE times TBC

9th WEEK  23 Nov

10th WEEK  30 Nov

ALL MODULE Skype Session 3: 1st Dec Tuesday ONLINE times TBC

We can have an additional campus session this week if requested.
11th WEEK  7th Dec
12th WEEKS: 12th Dec
Submission BAPP Arts – more information will be up on MyLearning about submission closer to the date

BAPP Arts Submission 7th January (Thursday)

Oral Presentations (Module 3 ONLY) 21st and 22nd  January 2016 times TBC

Friday, 24 July 2015

Graduation 2015!

Congratulation to everyone who completed they BAPP Arts degree this year. I heard some great stories about how people are using the what they learned in their professional inquiries. A number who are working have sent emails to let us know, which has been great to hear. Good luck to everyone on your next steps!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Reminder about Adesola and Helen's event this summer - Dance & Writing!

Contact Helen if you are interested!

Looking around

Sketches black and white - and done very quickly - I think the main thing about these sketches is about re-engaging with the visual vocabulary of the work. Recently looked at the work of Sonia Delaunay - colour will come back in - but this artist also had rhythm and pattern - the 2nd sketch perhaps needs a bit more 2d pattern in the final versions. 

I also went to final year art shows at Middlesex - really bowled over by the variety form our own Art & Design Department - this was presented at the Truman Brewery
Performance? 'This is not the End' and the Arcola - very good!! Definitely going back - very friendly atmosphere and serious theatre well written, staged and acted. 

I hope to go to more exhibition and performances this summer and hope others have the chance as well between work and holidays...

Reminder about Dance and Writing - Adesola and Helen's event in the summer!!! will put on the next blog!!!

Thanks to everyone for a very very busy time - back to the news!

I can't believe how busy it got during this last period - slowly recovering in time for graduation! Congratulations to everyone who completed their work on the programme!!!

Thanks to all Module 2 people who worked on their forms - good to get them right - we will be starting this earlier next time but the effort was well done and appreciated.

Module 1 - good work - look forward to continuing in Sept.

I am back to the looking at the news- some of which is disheartening but with some glimmers of new thinking:

I will try to keep up a bit more - have had several conversations for those doing literature reviews now for M3. I too need to do these properly no for some research I am undertaking. Full speed ahead...

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Oral presentation advice May 2015 - please leave comments!

Hi everyone planning your final presentation. 

Please leave comments and questions to let me know you have seen this!! Thank you!!

There is some information in the handbook - here are a few extracts:

Part 3: Oral Presentation – report that communicates the completed inquiry process including your main arguments and aspects of your critical review and professional artefact.

The campus-based oral presentation is of 10 minutes duration with a 10 minutes Q & A session (exceptionally this can be done at a distance). 

You will need to present a talk that is most likely connected to the use of an audio-visual slideshow (e.g. PowerPoint).  You will then lead a Questions & Answers (Q&A) session for discussions that emerge from your audience.  When possible, it is asked that you participate with peers in their Q&A session, especially relating to the process of the inquiry and concepts that are discussed in the final presentation.

Remember you can send a draft to your adviser for feedback... 

It is also advisable to rehearse your presentation before the day.

Here are some links for thinking about your presentation:

A tool if you want it:
or powerpoint
or another online tool?

Here is some past advice and some examples of blogs with conclusions that might help with your planning - I may add to these as I find a few more!

other ending thoughts...