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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Economics and acting

Interesting article with ideas for contextualising professional engagement in acting...

By the way this is an interesting one to research - using key words 'economics and acting' - the issues bring up race as well as class...

but this is a way into the issue but to develop any 'arguments' there would need to be an analysis of the experts - so literature - to inform the thinking.

The issues of acting training and taking up the professional is a large - so that again might need to be refined...

Any suggestions on how what aspects might be developed?

Friday, 5 September 2014

Welcome back everyone

Just letting everyone know I am back in the office and putting information together to email and post to everyone for the new academic year 2014-15!

I had a great holiday seeing family in Illinois and got to see Chicago briefly. I have also put together some research ideas that I will be getting on with this year... the break has helped to clear my head so I hope everyone was able to have some holiday some time during the summer. I have also just gotten involved in Second Floor Studios as a practitioner - - I will have to watch my time this year!!!

I have now changed offices from The Grove building. I am now in the College House - I am not quite sure where yet - but I will keep you posted.

Adesola and I are looking forward to working with everyone - it was great to see people in their gowns for graduation. I am going to both my daughters' graduations next week -  History of Art (Visual Studies) and Media and Communications (specialism Illustration) - incredible!

We have a few Inductions coming up - and people are already starting to get in touch - so phone or Skype. I will try to put schedules up asap.

Dance event - the Elixir Festival - with Anne Donnelly and Chris Bannerman at Sadler's Wells

Update Sunday 14th September

The performances at Knowbody were spectacular - really relevant to hw dance can be a lifelong pursuit. Words that came to mind were "profoundly funny' and 'intimate' and 'silly purity'. Sitting down next to a younger dance student/performer who said he said as a joke that at first he was a bit worried at first that the older performers might be more inclined to injury - I said I was not a dancer but was there from Middlesex University where some of the dancers were academic staff - and he said he understood and that I was there to learn about "the knowledge of dance" which was a fantastic way to put it. More later...

Performance Times

Fri & Sat at 7.30pm