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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Oral presentations - reviewing and advice

Hi everyone

Finalists who had me as the main tutor for this module can send me drafts for discussion this week end or early next week if you want to discuss.

For everyone - here is some past advice and presentations - there are more if you go looking...

As I said in my slideshare advice:

The Oral Presentation - is a celebration of what you have achieved – explain it well and illustrate what you have done   - yes do ADD literature and the ideas and concepts you studied  (this is at the heart of the inquiry - art ideas - people ideas - discoveries - challenges - it is about the thinking! and gaining knowledge!)  also the practitioner research and the implications/impact - what difference did it make or how did it benefit others?

10 minutes presentation – you can use a powerpoint or Prezi – creative elements?

10 minutes question & answer session with peers and tutors – details – clarifications – outcomes?

You can send a plan of this to your tutor in preparation for the oral presentation – add the important elements form your inquiry including reflection

Rehearse what you want to say before the day and illustrate what you have done for your inquiry in your presentation – what is important to communicate? + be prepared for questions
Don’t overload slides (ppt or prezi if you use these) with text – they are just talking points (note Paula has Pages but the uni does not – so also format as a powerpoint)
A rule of thumb is 1 minute per slide – so no more than 15 slides (?)
You can show a sample of your artefact – if it is a powerpoint – these are 2 distinct pieces for assessment
You are presenting to peers and tutors – there is an element of formality – but you might also introduce informal elements - we have had people sing songs, do acting auditions and give the audience cookies

questions about citation

Trump aide Monica Crowley plagiarized thousands of words in Ph.D. dissertation
By Andrew Kaczynski, Chris Massie, and Nathan McDermott, 

an article that questions how materials was cited - useful to see the process

Early dates for Spring study period 2016-17

I have asked Student Records to put you on the next module - so you should now be able to access learning materials. Let me know if you can't.


Induction Sessions for new students (online):
Please join Skype for these sessions
It is free to join.

3rd February (Friday) at 8pm
or 4th (Saturday) at 11 am
RSVP to Paula’s email Paula will add people to the conversation for these beginning sessions.

Skype paulanottingham
Skype aonthephone

Tutor email


BAPP Arts study period: 13th February (informal BAPP arts start) (Monday) – formal start 20th February (IWBL start) and ending on the 5th May (Friday).  Submission for this study period is the 12th May.

First Tuesday ‘Coffee shop’ chat (orientation session for continuing students)
Adesola and Paula attending
6th February 10am
7th February 7pm
Please make sure that Adesola has your SKYPE address two days before - send Adesola a contact request. There will be a post announcing this session on Adesola’s blog. RSVP in the comments of the post on Adesola’s blog.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Looking at the news - 2017

I look at the news daily. the BBC is where I start...

Golden Globes 2017: British actors lead TV award winners

Sound of 2017: Unsigned soul singer Ray BLK wins

BBC Music reporter

I also run around many other online news sites - including one I was introduced to

Anyone have a preferred online news site?

Any thoughts on fake news?

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Welcome back - Reminders for submission and after...

Hi everyone - welcome back!

Adesola and I have been helping people with their submissions - let me know if you are having any problems. Email Skype or phone

Note: some people have reported that Turnitin is being slow - so do not wait if your work is compete - please submit to the 'real' submission box in each module that is labelled the FINAL BAPP Arts SUBMISSION BOX.

BAPP Arts Submission Friday 6th of January 2017
Submission by 11:55/12pm – more information will be up on My Learning about the final submission.
Please don't wait unit the last couple of moments!

Oral Presentations (Module 3 ONLY)

19th January (Thursday) and 20th January (Friday) am and pm slots - Hendon Campus - Paula will contact Module 3 students about which day their presentation is scheduled. Everyone is welcome (all Modules) to come and support the Module 3 presenters.

After Submission:

Posted on MyUniHub:

Tuesday 21 February 2017 Module Results Published (9 am)
Monday 27 February Progression Results Published (5 pm)
Monday 6th March Final Qualification results published (5pm)


IWBL Administration:
Francesca Jussa

Direct Line: 0208 411 4350

After Submission:                                    

We start up again unofficially on the 13th of February (Week1 for the Handbooks) for formally the start date is after the boards on the 20th February.

Module 2 - please wait until after the Ethics Board permission to start your research - the 1st task is to do an update that responds to feedback - I am organising access to the next module now.

A reminder about Harvard referencing – see attached or we use Cite Them Right (you can sign up using your university IT user name and password). 

Below - repeated information from email sent out:
Students on BAPP Arts – this email is about your submission

This is a reminder for the 6th January 2017 Autumn 2016/17 submission for those who are submitting. 
Please disregard if this does not apply to you at this time.

Your portfolio of coursework is due to be submitted on the 6th January 2017 by 11:55pm GMT (English time) however please do not leave the submission until the last moment as we cannot accept technical problems for not submitting. The later time is actually those overseas in differing time zones.

The submission drop boxes are up now in your Module on My Learning (our online virtual learning space). Please make sure to submit in the right box for the module you are on now. Let Paula know if you cannot access.

BA (Hons) Professional Practice in Arts
WBS2515 (WBA) RoL 
WBS3730 (WBA) Module 1
WBS3630 (WBA) Module 2
WBS3760 (WBA) Module 3

This year there is again a 2 step process that we would like you to use.  

1. Turnitin  Submit the main written work into Turnitin and get a report. The report tells you if you have used words repeated from other writing (inc plagiarism) – note it does not read images. The report should be received before or at the submission – and if you need to do this twice – the 2nd report could take up to 24-48 hours. Please leave enough time for this process. Even if you do not get the report – submit your work to the submission box and send Paula an email saying that will happen.

You do not have to send us the Turnitin reportwe can see this online. The box is at the bottom and labelled Turnitin link.

More explanation about this link and the way to read the report are in your MyLearning module – this includes advice on how to read the report.

2.  FINAL BAPP Arts SUBMISSION BOX– this is the submission box on My Learning module to make sure you can 
The box is at the bottom and labeled FINAL BAPP Arts SUBMISSION BOX.EndFragment

IMPORTANT – SUBMIT by 6th January 2017 by 11:55 pm or get in touch about self-deferral or interruption.

Things to note:

The My Learning FINAL SUBMISSION drop box (up to 500 mb – up to 15 pieces of work -  is where your final submission portfolio work goes. 
If you have any questions about this process after checking the information in My Learning  – contact Paula with questions or Francesca at (she goes home at 5pm on the 6th of January).

Extra notes: Please refer to the Handbooks for submission information

Module 1 – generally your work is in the form of a document n (Word or PDF) with appendices – but if you want to upload extra files for your ‘portfolio’ that is okay.

Module 2 we need your draft forms (these are not marked so changes might be needed to these after feedback)
I will send M2 a separate email about the forms.

Module 3: Please insert the signed informed consent forms 3 in your appendices or in a separate file.
I am sending another email around for Module 3 signup for the oral presentation.
Module 3 Oral Presentations 19th May and 20th January. 

If your work in larger than 500 mb or if your computer cannot cope with the upload to My Learning (so bandwidth or technical problems) – contact Paula and/or send your work via WeTransfer on the 6th January by midnight GMT. 

After Submission:                                    

We start up again unofficially on the 13th of February (Week1 for the Handbooks) for formally the start date is after the boards on the 20th February.

A reminder about Harvard referencing – see attached or we use Cite Them Right (you can sign up using your university IT user name and password).